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Lemonade Tea Shots

5-hour™ TEA

Lemonade Tea Shots
Lemonade Tea Shots
Lemonade Tea Shots
Lemonade Tea Shots
Lemonade Tea Shots
Lemonade Tea Shots
Product image 1Lemonade Tea Shots
Product image 2Lemonade Tea Shots
Product image 3Lemonade Tea Shots
Product image 4Lemonade Tea Shots
Product image 5Lemonade Tea Shots
Product image 6Lemonade Tea Shots

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Lemonade Tea

We’re not sure who the first person was to combine Lemonade with Tea, but we’re sure glad they did. Lemonade Tea flavored 5-hour™ TEA is a tangy, yet sweet addition to the 5-hour™ TEA lineup. And as with all 5-hour™ TEA shots, Lemonade Tea flavor contains zero sugar, zero artificial colors, four calories and caffeine derived from green tea leaves. 5-hour™ TEA shots are for the modern day. They store easily in gym bags, purses, desk drawers, or back packs. They don’t require refrigeration and they can be taken in seconds yet felt for hours. And because 5-hour™ TEA shots contains zero sugar, there is no sugar crash later.

All 5-hour™ TEA shot flavors contain:

  • Caffeine** from green tea leaves
  • Great tasting, and sugar-free
  • Vitamin and nutrients along with caffeine provide an energy boost
  • Convenient alternative to an energy drink and/or coffee
  • Certified Kosher by Star-K
  • No refrigeration needed
  • No Dairy added
  • No Eggs added

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Try all three amazing flavors!

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