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What is 5-hour™ TEA?

5-hour™ TEA shots are for the modern day. For those on the go. For those who kick butt and take names. For those who won’t allow themselves to be slowed down by waiting in line for coffee when tired kicks in. 5-hour TEA is a convenient, portable, and delicious source of B-vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients combined with caffeine from green tea leaves. And because 5-hour™ TEA has zero sugar, there is no sugar crash later. So whether early mornings include kickboxing class or just getting out the door on time, and afternoons include meetings or photo shoots, 5-hour™ TEA shots will give you the alert and energized feeling you need to take on your day.


All 5-hour™ TEA shot flavors Contain:

  • Zero Sugar
  • Zero artificial color
  • Four calories
  • Caffeine** from green tea leaves
  • B-vitamins
  • Amino acids
  • Amazing flavors


In addition to amazing flavor, 5-hour™ TEA contains ingredients you'll love.

Caffeine from Green Tea Leaves

5-hour™ TEA contains caffeine derived from green tea leaves.

Three Amazing Flavor Options

5-hour™ TEA comes in three amazing flavors: Raspberry Tea, Peach Tea and Lemonade Tea.

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